Monthly Archives: November 2011

Committee meeting minutes & next agenda

Pudsey Raffle winner, Committee meeting minutes & next agenda are available here. Autumn Newsletter available here: Autumn Newsletter No2 November 2011 Also – from the Scout Association website: Scouts make better employees, a survey of over 2,500 Scouts, former scouts and external organisations to mark Scout Community Week has shown. 41% of employers surveyed agreed […]

Baloo’s 15 Year Service Award

Last Thursday’s pack meeting opened with Baloo receiving his long service award from the DC,  Andy Collin, for 15 years as a leader in Scouting.

Spooky Night at Rhuddlan Castle 2011

Message from GSL Keith: With the help and  hard work of Suzy Clarkson, Bernadette Gilbert and their families (together with a little help from me and the missus) we took part in the charity fundraising night at Rhuddlan Castle.