Cubs visited Pets at Home on Thursday 25th September followed by a feast at Pizza Hut.

On Thursday 25th September we arranged for Cubs to visit Pets at Home as part of their animal carers badge. Upon entry, Cubs were told that they had to be quiet, because the animals didn’t like loud noises and were promised to be rewarded if they remained quiet.

At the guinea pig enclosure the Cubs were quizzed on their knowledge and were given information on how the animals should be looked after, fed and housed.

They then were introduced to two baby rabbits. One rabbit was allowed to roam around the semi-circle. Cubs were thrilled to be allowed to touch the rabbits and all took turns to gently stroke them.

After that two rats were brought out. Once more the staff quizzed the Cubs on their knowledge before letting them stroke them and have a feel of their tails.

Cubs were very well behaved so, as promised, they were rewarded by being allowed to stroke a lizard. The Lizard had to be put away quickly as it gets cold easily.

The Cubs then moved on to the fish. There were many tanks allowing the Cubs to see many different species. They were allowed to put their fingers in a tank full of fish used in pedicures. They were also allowed to clean the fish tanks.

Before leaving, Cubs were given a workbook that, when completed, could earn them the Animal Carer badge.  We were also given some leaflets on each type of animal seen on the night.

Overall, the whole group (including leaders) had a fantastic night – for free! Everyone left with a story to tell and a smile on their face – which made it all worthwhile.

The staff waved goodbye saying we were welcome back anytime, an offer we will no doubt take them up on!

The night was finished off by a visit to Pizza Hut. Yummy!