With a superhero theme and over 500 people expected to attend, the hype was huge! We had been told to send the weeks prior to camp prepping our costumes and getting ready for a fun packed bank holiday weekend.

The leaders arrived early on Friday morning to set up the mess tent, the kitchen tent and the sleeping tents, just in time for the arrival of the group in the early evening. The whole camp was summoned to flag break where we were told that at the final count, there were in fact 850 young persons and leaders at the camp. We were also told that a certain “special guest” was due to arrive on the Sunday, although the identity was to remain a mystery.

On Saturday morning through to Sunday evening we rotated around four distinct fantasy realms (Superman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and Batman) run by the four scouting districts. The activities offered were as varied as each superhero district. Over the two days the beavers, cubs and scouts experienced zip wires, circus skills, problem solving exercises, obstacle courses, water puzzles, bell ringing, caving and kayaking on land, amongst many, many others.

Saturday evening started with a campfire and a sing song, and developed into a full on gig by a scouting rock band and a cinema showing of the only appropriate film for the occasion – The Jungle Book.

A whir of helicopter blades confirmed a rumour that had been spreading like wildfire round camp – Our Chief Scout was paying us a visit. Commander Bear Grylls visited a number of bases during his visit and made a speech thanking all the young people for the dedication they’ve shown so far in their scouting career and said he hoped they would continue to do so for many years to come….

…and on that note can I say a very big thank you to all beavers, cub and scouts who attended, their parents / guardians who helped them pack and ferry them, and their leaders who worked hard to make it happen.

Leaders Present: Keith Todd, Simon Williams, Mitch Roberts, Grahame Canning, Ricky Pollard, Christine Davies, Bryn Davies and Ceri Morgan.