About the Group

A Brief History…

3rd Prestatyn Scout Group is one of the oldest in the District. The Group was first registered in 1929 by Dyson Tomkinson. In 2009 we celebrated 80 years of Scouting in Prestatyn.

Originally based at the back of the Cross Foxes Public House we then moved to the Stable Mews at the rear of the Victoria Hotel. Bastion Hall has been our home since 1973. In 2011 Bastion Hall was sold and we moved to the Church of the Holy Spirit. In March 2014 we moved to Jubilee Community Centre, Seabank Drive, Prestatyn.

Group Meetings

Group meetings are planned to match school term dates, which can be found on the Denbighshire County Council website. Subs are to be paid at the beginning of each half-term by all sections.


Beavers Cubs Scouts
5 1/2 to 8 years 7 1/2 to 10 1/2 years 10 1/2 to 14 years
Wednesdays Thursdays Wednesdays
6:00pm – 7:00pm 6:30pm – 8.00pm 7.15pm – 9pm


3rd Prestatyn Scout Group is divided in to three sections and is available to all children from the age of 5½ through to 14 years of age.

Beavers, Cubs and Scouts should be committed to: upholding their law and promise; attending regularly and smartly in the appropriate uniform; paying their subscription as required; attending St. George’s Day and Remembrance Sunday Church Services; and assisting with Group fund raising events and other outside activities.


All Leaders are unpaid volunteers and give their time and services freely. Every leader is required to undergo a regular vetting procedure and must attend and successfully complete, leadership training, which is paid for by the group. When they have completed their training they become “Warranted”.

As well as running regular weekly meetings, we organise and run many extra district events and group outings and activities. These extra events require planning and often sacrifice of the leader’s weekends. Their time is given for the benefit of your child. Please help your child to support them.

Simon Williams is the Group Scout Leader (GSL). His role is to manage the Group and its leaders.

Ceri Morgan (also known as Mouse) is the Beaver Leader. Her main role is the smooth running of the Beaver section. She is ably supported by Sarah Herbert.

Ricky Pollard (also known as Akela) is the Cub Leader with Emily Nicholls (also known as Bumble) as Assistant Cub Leader. The section is supported by Explorers and Young Leaders.  Their main responsibility is the smooth running of the Cub section.

Simon Williams is the Scout Leader whose role is the smooth running of the Scout section. He is ably supported by Assistant Scout Leaders Matthew Jones, Jane Dawson and Mitch Roberts.


We also have Explorer Scouts who act as Young Leaders. Their main role is to undertake training so that they may become section assistants or leaders when they become adults. We are also dependant on Occasional Helpers to assist in the weekly meetings. If you are interested in helping out please contact the Group Scout Leader. You will be expected to complete an application form, a CRB check and undertake some initial training. You will then be invited to a District Appointments Committee where your role will confirmed and validated


When your child is invested as a member of the group, you as parent/guardian automatically become a member of the Group Committee.

The first duty of the Committee is to vote for a Chairperson (nominated by the Group Scout Leader), a Treasurer and a Secretary at the Annual General Meeting. These posts cannot be filled by any Warranted Leader but are legally required for the running of the Group. Under Charity Commission regulations, without these three key people the Group cannot run.

Membership of the Committee is not restricted just to parents, but is open to all friends and supporters of Scouting. As a Committee Member you will be required to attend the Group Committee Meetings, which are normally held on the first Thursday evening of each month and normally last approximately one hour. These meetings are an opportunity for you to contribute ideas and influence the running of the Group.

The group is a registered charity and does not receive any monies from the Scout Association. One obvious function of the Committee is to raise funds to finance your child’s future Scouting. We also require funds for the replacement and maintenance of camping equipment. The Group is also required to pay a Capitation Fee for each invested member. This is an annual fee paid directly to The Scout Association in London to cover membership, liability insurance and administration costs. Other fees are paid to Area, District and Welsh Scout Councils

With parent’s support, the Committee can run effectively with minimum effort, provide financial stability and maintain a successful and flourishing group, which will directly benefit your child.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Group Committee Meeting.
Without you, there is no Committee. Without a Committee there can be no Scout Group.



CONTACT DETAILS – Please keep in a safe place

Simon Williams, Group Scout Leader and Scout Leader – 07506 020 090 or GSL3rdprestatyn@outlook.com

Ceri Morgan, Beaver Leader – beavers3rdprestatyn@outlook.com

Ricky Pollard, Cub Leader – 07393 772 486 or cubs3rdprestatyn@outlook.com

Simon Williams, Scout Leader – scouts3rdprestatyn@outlook.com

For Group issues contact Simon Williams, for all section issues contact the relevant Section Leader

For all external activities there will be specific arrangements. These will be specified in letters to parents.

Newsletters      There will be occasional newsletters to keep you informed of important news and forthcoming events. Please read carefully as there may be important information included in them. If you wish to make a contribution to the newsletter please do so. You can send to GSL3rdprestatyn@outlook.com


Websites   All important information, photographs and details about Group events can be found on our website

www.3rdprestatynscoutgroup.co.uk    Important information about Scouting can be found on www.scouts.org.uk


Uniform      Uniforms may be purchased from First Class Clothes at the bottom of Prestatyn High Street.  Uniforms may also be purchased online from www.scouts.org.uk/shop. The minimum uniform requirement for each section is: Scouts – Scout shirt/blouse, Cubs – Cub tipped sweatshirt, Beavers – Beaver tipped sweatshirt. Other garments such as polo shirts, activity trousers, caps, T-shirts and hoodies are available. A Group scarf and woggle will be presented when your child is invested (there is a charge for these).


Membership subscriptions These are payable at the beginning of each half term by cheque (3rd Prestatyn Scout Group) or cash. Subs may also be paid weekly if required.



Please complete the enclosed forms and return to a leader. All information will be used in strict confidence

If you pay tax please complete the Gift Aid form. We, as a Group, can claim the tax back on your membership subscription